Ring of Fire Club

Northampton, PA

Night at the Races is postponed until further notice.


Race sponsorship:  donation $50.  Only 10 available.  Name listed above your race in official race program, name announced during your race, and pick the tape for your race.  Contact Lonnie to sponsor a race. 

Horse sponsorship:  You can own a horse for $5 and have a chance to win $30. Pick a name for a horse (sorry no vulgarity or profanity) and have it entered in one of the ten races. The horse’s and owner’s name will be included in the night’s program. If your horse wins that race, you win $30.  Contact Lonnie with horse name to sponsor a horse. Horses due no later than March 21, 2020.

Final Four Party

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Flip Cup Tournament